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About the artist


My name is Leti and I am the proud designer of "Dolce de Leti" jewelry. I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1998 following my heart. 


I was always drawn to art since young. I started painting in oils by 11 and got my first manual camera by 14. While continuing my studies in Architecture and the Arts in the States, I took extra curricular classes in photography and pottery, and I loved it! About the same time, I discovered beads by chance, and I couldn't stop my curiosity! I taught myself how to work with wire and other techniques and after lots of practice and friends trying to buy my pieces, I launched my jewelry business. My sole objective was, and still is, to make long lasting designs that women of all ages would love and wear with confidence everyday.


Since 2004 "Dolce de Leti" has evolved into a more delicate and feminine line, putting close attention to detail and high quality. I've developed my own personal methodical  process to bring harmonious and balanced pieces alive and enjoy every minute of it! I've added many skills to my repertoire, among them crochet and macrame knots and metal forming, and I am always in search of unique, handmade, rare coins, amulets and pendants that resonate with my aesthetics and background. My inspiration comes from the endless beauty of nature, my world travels, and the changing seasons of Colorado. Each one-of-a-kind design gives room to more one-of-a-kind designs, so it is an endless chain of unique treasures and a very fulfilling personal accomplishment.


The name "Dolce de Leti" is derived from the association to "dulce de leche" which is a caramel milk-based jam very popular in the River Plate region where I'm from. "Dolce" means "sweet" in Italian and "de Leti" means "from Leti" in Spanish. In other words, my jewelry pieces are my sweet creations made for you!